A Good Labrador breeder

Pinyan labs is a respected Labrador breeder located in Carlisle, Iowa. Labradors are traditionally lumped into the category of gun dogs, since they have a distinct paw that makes them expert swimmers. Pinyan labs prides itself in being a respected silver lab breeder in the midwest, and strives to continue its stellar reputation by consistently offering labrador retriever puppies that are not only great gun dogs, but also become part of the family.

What makes a good Labrador breeder?

Finding a great Labrador retriever breeder can be difficult, as many breeders are looking for a quick sale without care for if the puppy will fit into the family. From day one, our Labrador puppies are handled by our family daily and receive the socialization these lab puppies need. As a result, our silver lab puppies develop strong bonds with humans, and will quickly become part of your family.

Another sign of a good Labrador breeder is if the breeder won't just "sell" you a puppy, but requires you come visit the puppies available so you - and the Labrador breeder - can ask questions. If a Labrador breeder just has a "buy now" on their website, you should be very wary of that breeder, as you may get burned.

Finding a Labrador breeder

We have an article on our website called Finding A Silver Lab Breeder that has many different ideas for finding the perfect Labrador breeder for your family. Please take the time to do your homework so you will find a great addition to your home and a great dog.