Finding A Silver Lab Breeder

If you have decided to try out the great breed of dogs called the silver labrador or �silver labs� � the next step is finding a reputable silver lab breeder. There are many different people trying to sell silver labs, so it is wise to be careful when trying to find the perfect silver lab puppy or adult for your home.

First, gather up a list of reputable silver lab breeders. Obviously we�d love it if you called us at Pinyan Labs, as we specialize in silver labs, but you can find lists of other breeders by simply doing a search on with the phrase �silver lab breeder in _______� and then the state. Once you have a list of anywhere from 5-10 possible breeders of silver labs (hopefully you find at least that many) � it is time to start making some phone calls!

Before you go out to visit the breeder, ask them a series of questions and pay close attention to the answers they give. A first starting question is if they have any dogs available or if they have a waiting list for available silver lab puppies or adult dogs. You might also ask for the names of a few �satisfied customers� you can also call and talk to. Ask if they are involved in any state breeding associations or clubs. Can the breeder give you a thorough pedigree of any of their dogs? Do they have a recommended veterinarian whom you can take the dog to for a check-up? And one of the most important things you can ask: Can you come to visit more than once to check out the dog.

If the silver lab breeder has answered all the questions to your liking, the next step is to schedule a time to go out and visit the breeder and see the available dogs. You will want to see where the dogs are kept, and hopefully be able to see the dog�s parents (if it�s a puppy) so you can see the temperament of the mother. Pay attention to whether or not the other dogs are happy and healthy.

Once you have checked out the breeder, perhaps made more than one visit, the breeder may turn the tables on you and start asking you some questions such as whether the dog will be mainly an inside or outside dog, whether you have a veterinarian, prove your landlord allows pets, and usually will require you to sign some type of a contract stating you will not only spay/neuter the dog but also if you are unable to care for the dog you will return it to the breeder to take care of. Choosing a silver lab breeder is one of the most important first steps in your search for the perect silver labrador.