Our Silver Labs in Iowa

Pinyan's Charcoal Roxey

Silver Lab Roxey

Roxie is a charcoal lab with a beautiful coat. She is 70 lbs and has a very easy going disposition. She is very loving and never wants to leave your side. Roxie is very versatile, she will retrieve waterfowl and turn around and hunt pheasants hours later.

Roxie throws charcoal and silver lab puppies, when she is bred to Duke, the stud to our silver labs. After the hunt Roxie is a spoiled inside dog. Her manners and personality are matched by few. Her lab puppies are highly spoken of and make us proud as a Labrador breeder.


Pinyans Charcoal Bella

Silver Lab Bella

Bella is beautiful charcoal lab. She is 80lbs., and has great head and build. This is her first year hunting and her summer training is really paying off. Bella is a strong retriever and has excellent obedience skills. She is a very calm female,but explodes when she is in the field. We raised her as a Labrador breeder, and own her mother and father. Her mother is our charcoal lab Roxie and her father is our silver lab Duke. Bella is great combination of these to labs. We are looking forward her first silver lab puppies.

Pinyan's Silver Belle

Silver Lab Belle

Pinyan's Silver Belle is a large framed silver lab. She has the classic defining features of a lab, that include a blocky head rarely seen in my many years as a Labrador breeder. Belle is a big girl. She weighs 85lbs and in prime shape. Due to her large size, she is a waterfowl retrieving machine.

Our hunts focus on rivers and strong flowing bodies of water. She has no problem fighting currents and retrieving birds. Belle has a good nature and enjoys her hunts on the boat. She has beautiful silver lab puppies, when bred to our silver males.

Pinyan's Silver Sassy

Silver Lab Sassy

Sassy is a well-built young silver female lab. She has a nice head and a solid body. She has started hunting and is full of promise. Her friendly personality and willingness to please make her standout. She is 70 pounds with a nice smooth and soft coat. She is a strong retriever, with good water skills. Sassy, like her name is a real treat for a Labrador breeder. Her first litter consisted of 8 beautiful silver lab puppies. Her next litter of silver lab puppies is anxiously waited for.

Pinyans's Ezee Suzi

Silver Lab Suzi

Suzi is a young silver female that we raised. She was kept from the litter due to her size and confirmation. Her father is our silver male Duke. She is one of our new generations of quality lines, as we are constantly striving forward. Suzi has a solid build, beautiful coat, and weighs 75lbs. She has a strong retrieving drive and like her name she is very easy to work with. Her disposition and training ability is outstanding. We are looking forward to her first litter and have the highest of expectations.

Pinyan's Silver Porsche

Silver Lab Porsche

Porsche is a 70lb well-built silver lab. She is a pup that we have raised from our own lab puppies. Her impressive features make her a strong asset to our line of silver labs. She is a young dog with loads of enthusiasm, she is very persistent and strives for perfection. Porsche is retrieving strong and starting to learn her way around the boat. We are proud to add Porsche to our line of the few silver labs in Iowa. We are very pleased with her exceptional progress.