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Pinyan's Silver Royalty Duke

Silver Lab Duke

We are very proud to have Duke as the stud to our silver labs. He is 85 lbs of dynamite retrieval power. His desire to retrieve is phenomenal, with a never quit spirit. Duke has a solid frame and a large blocky head. Waterfowl hunting is Duke's passion. He is an accomplished hunter that is envied by others.

Duke is good natured, loyal, and very ambitious. Dock jumping is another talent Duke has acquired. Duke took off with this skill when he was just a young pup with no fear. As a stud, Duke has sired several litters and thrown many silver lab puppies. These litters have consisted of many quality lab puppies. He has thrown litters for us, as well as numerous other hobby breeders. His silver color and skills are high demand in the world of silver labs. Duke does not disappoint!


Stud Service

Stud Service Prices
Silver Lab Females $700
Silver Factored Labs $500
Standard Colors
(black, chocolate, and yellow)

Our silver lab Duke, is available for stud service. He is a proven stud for our dogs and other hobby breeders, such as Hoch Silver Labs. He throws beautiful silver lab puppies when mated with another silver lab. Bread to any other color he produces quality silver factored lab puppies. We have received numerous compliments on his puppies over the year. Duke is OFA certified, and DNA certified. He is an accomplished hunter and retriever. Duke also is a skilled dock jumper.

The stud fee includes a four puppy guarantee. A litter producing less than four puppies will be prorated. This happened to date, Duke produces large litters. We board females as part of the stud service. This makes it easier on everyone, especially the dogs. Excessive stress only complicates the breeding process.

We have bred many females over the years. There are certain skills and finesse needed to be successful. We have acquired these skills over the years. When we board females, we treat them as one of ours, even better. As a reputable Labrador breeder, all females must be approved, we will use our own discretion. At Pinyan Labs we work with clients to place their puppies in new homes. We provide documentation, photos, and we are more than happy to speak to any potential buyer. For further details or questions, please Contact Us.


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