Silver Labs - A Rare Kind of Lab

Silver labs are rapidly becoming a popular breed of choice. This rare variation of the lab breed is gaining favor with many owners. With their fabulous colored coat and features, it's not hard to see why. The silver lab is not officially recognized as its own color as of yet, though there are numerous of these labs registered with the kennel clubs in the USA and also in the UK. Labradors are top breed due to their good nature, versatility, and being wonderful additions to families as pets. They are most recognized in the familiar coats of black, chocolate, and yellow. People love these new comers because of their eye catching silver color, and of course, they are "all lab" - the same as in any other color.

Silver Labs History

silver labThe first silver lab on record was born in 1985 in the US at Crist Culo Kennels. Their origins are said to be from the chocolate breed line. It wasn�t until 1987 when the silver color was officially treated as a lab registration color. Since then, whether the breed really exists or not has been a hot topic. Because of this heavy debate, the American Kennel Club later changed the color "silver" to a "shade of chocolate". The AKC's current stance is silver labs are to be marked as chocolates on registration papers. Silver labs continued to be bred producing more of the recessive genes to become visible. Later on in 1990�s ,a new line of silver labs were produced at Beavercreek, also in the US. This new, unique color began to draw a lot of attention as more lines began to produce a genuine silver lab.

Temperament of Silver Labs

Silver labs have the same basic genetic history and structure as the other color labs. Their temperament is the same as black, chocolate or yellow. These labs are playful, loyal, loving and bounding with energy. Their versatility is unmatched and they are capable of doing numerous tasks. They make excellent pets that only want to please their owners. Their good disposition allows them to make friends with strangers quite easily.

Differences With Other Color Labs

The biggest difference between other color labs is their fabulous silver coat. The coat is produced by recessive geners that become dominant through breeding, determining the lab's coat color. Because the genes are merely those that have to deal with the color of their coat, silver labs are absolutely identical in build and temperance to all other color labs. Also because of the recessive gene and the fact not all litters contain silver labs, they have become much rarer than the other colors. But with the popularity of this new color, how could anyone claim they don't exist? Because of the DNA proof of it being a purebred, the silver lab color should be accepted by breeders and enthusiasts like any other lab. Make no doubt about it, people looking for a special lab will love and appreciate the opportunity to own one of these special silver labs.